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Paul Dimeo lectures in sports policy, including: British sports policy, drugs in sport, and hosting major sports events.

Fulbright Scholar
Paul will be a visiting Fulbright Commission Scholar at the University of Texas, Austin from September to December 2012. He will be working on a project entitled: ‘The Doping of Elite Athletes in International Sport and the Politics of the Cold War, 1950-1990’.


Paul is the co-ordinator of SPS916 Sports Policy, Planning and Management. He also contributes to SPS9B7 Sports Research, SPS9R7 Readings in Sports Studies, SPS9D8 Sports Dissertation, MSc research methods and dissertation supervision.


Paul's major research interest is doping in sport and the development of anti-doping policies. This has led to several publications including the prize-winning monograph A History of Drug Use in Sport, 1876-1976: Beyond Good and Evil (Routledge, 2007). He currently is working on two projects funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency. He has published on other policy issues including racism in sport, the migration of football players, tourism, and hosting major sports events.

Research Grants
2011 – World Anti-Doping Agency, ‘Team dynamics and doping in sport: A risk or a protective factor?’, £21,225
2010 – British Academy, ‘The Sports Doping Policy in the former East Germany, 1968-1990’, £7,498
2010 – World Anti-Doping Agency, ‘Doping Behaviour, Causes and Prevention in Elite Level Kenyan Athletes: an empirical investigation’, £25,014
2010 – British Mountaineering Council, £8,600
2008 – Leverhulme Trust Visiting Research Fellow, £20,000


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