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Dr Colin Moran

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2011 – present Lecturer, University of Stirling
2010 – 2011 Project Coordinator, University of Edinburgh
2003 – 2010 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Glasgow
1997 – 2002 Ph.D. Genetics, University of Leicester
1992 – 1996 B.Sc. Genetics, University of Glasgow
Colin’s research focuses on understanding how genetic and environmental variation contribute to, and interact in, the development of athletic ability, obesity, diabetes and muscle function.
His work involves the general population as well as risk groups and elite athletes and he has published work using a combination of sports science, genetics, molecular biology, nutrition and complex statistics. This has highlighted cases where the size of the environmental influence on particular phenotypes (e.g. the relationship between exercise level and weight) varies by genotype (i.e. exercise is more important for certain genoptye groups). Related differences can also be observed at both the gene expression and biochemical levels. Currently, he is interested in understanding the control of this gene expression through methylation, while continuing to investigate other genetic variation potentially involved in these processes.
The impact of this work is a step towards the personalised medicine promised by the completion of the Human Genome Project, providing information on how altering controllable elements of the process, such as nutrition, or exercise type / amount, may be more important for certain genetically defined individuals within the population. This will allow the appropriate targeting of limited resources to the individuals who will benefit from them, potentially altering the practice of diverse groups from Medics and Nutritionists to Personal Trainers.


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