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Dr Oliver Witard

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Oliver Witard is a lecturer in the school. Previously, he was a post-doctoral research fellow (2008-10) and doctoral candidate (2005-08) in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at The University of Birmingham. Both his doctoral and postdoctoral work was under the supervision of Professor Kevin Tipton.
Oliver’s research focuses on the adaptive response of human skeletal muscle to exercise and nutrition, in particular protein feeding. His primary interest is optimising nutritional strategies to support the gain of muscle mass in athletes, exercisers and the elderly. Other interests include the role of nutrition for maintaining performance and immune function during intensified periods of endurance training (‘overreaching’). He has given both oral and poster presentations at international conferences showcasing findings from his work. Additionally, he has been invited to speak at international seminars in Europe. In 2010, he received the Young Investigator Award (1st place in poster competition) at the European College of Sports Sciences Congress, Antalya, Turkey (2010) for his work investigating the effect of increased protein intake on tolerance to endurance training.

Oliver also maintains a keen interest in applied sports science. His previous experience extends to offering physiological support and nutrition advice to Birmingham City FC and Warwickshire CC. In 2005, he enjoyed an extended period supporting athlete scholars at the Australian Institute of Sport and New Zealand Academy of Sport.


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Invited Reviews and Book Chapters
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